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Terms And Conditions

By using our website and services, and by placing an order with, you accept that you have gone through and understood the following terms and conditions and agree to them in full. These terms include ourprivacy policy.


In these Terms and Conditions the following expressions will have the following meanings unless inconsistent with the context:

“Agent” will act as an “agent”for qualified“writers”to sell their original“work” to the“customer,”which shall be deemed the customer’s property.
“Customer” The person(s), firm or company who appoints the “Agent” to find a fitting “Writer” in order to provide the original “Work”
“Writer” The person who will conduct the research and write the paper according to the“Customer’s”specifications
“Work” Any research and/or written assignment, including, but not limited to, dissertation, essay, research paper, and presentation slides, supplied according to the standard provided by the “Customer” while placing their order
“Revision” Any completed “Order” that does not adhere to the “Customer’s” original specifications and hence needs to be edited, reworded, or revised
“Amendments” Additional details are given by the “Customer” conflicting the original “Order” specifications
“Order” “Customer’s” project or assignment details along with the payment

Terms of Appointing the Agent

  1. The “Agent” guarantees to provide all “Work” supplied through its services will be according to the standards given by the “Customer” when placing their orders.
  2. The “Customer” agrees to inspect and examine the “Work” and contact the “Agent”within 10 days of the due delivery dateif they consider the guarantees of the “Agent” have not been met.
  3. 如果“客户”不满意所提供的“工作”符合规定的标准,“客户”将享有本协议中规定的救济。
  4. The “Customer” is not allowed to give – or ask for – any personal contact details to the “Writer” — the “Agent” will act as a connection between the “Customer” and the “Writer”.
  5. The Agreement will carry on between the “Customer” and the “Agent” up to the time period permissible for revision i.e.10 days after final delivery.

Agent Services

  1. “代理”将指派一名其认为具有相关资质和经验的具有适当资格的“撰写人”执行“客户”的“订单”。
  2. Once the “Agent” has obtained payment from the “Customer”, the “Customer” can cancel the order within 24 hours of the order placement. In case of rush orders (24 hours to 3days orders), only 2 hours’ leverage will be provided.
  3. 所有截止日期将从付款之日起计算,如果逾期收到“客户”的付款,将进行相应调整。

“Customer” Involvement

  1. The “Customer” will provide the “Agent” specific and clear order descriptions and make sure that all the facts given about the Order are concrete and correct.
  2. “代理商”将全程配合“客户”根据所提供的标准制定订单。“客户”将协助“代理”在交易开始时提供所有相关信息,并在“撰写人”需要任何进一步信息或指导时,在整个交易过程中遵守“代理”的规定。
  3. The “Customer” agrees that not able to provide such information or guidance during the course of the transaction may delay the delivery of their “Work” and that the “Agent” will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of such delay. In such cases, the ‘Completion on Time Guarantee’ will not apply.

“On-Time Delivery Guarantee”

  1. If the “Customer” providesmore guiding details after the payment of the order这必须纳入,最后期限将相应地调整。
  2. 如果“客户”在订单过程中延迟发送所要求的信息或延迟回复“撰写人”,截止日期将相应调整。
  3. All the ordered “Work” will be delivered before midnight on the due date unless the due date falls on a Sunday, Bank Holiday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day (“a Non-Working Day”), in which case the “Work” will be delivered the following day before midnight.
  4. For all the plagiarism scan reports to be sent along with the order, the “Customer” agrees to provide an additional 24 hours since and other reliable anti-plagiarism scanners take about 12-24 hours to report.
  5. The “Agent” will not be held liable under this guarantee for any lateness due to technical problems that may arise due to third parties or otherwise, including, but not limited to issues caused by Internet Service Providers, Mail Account Providers, Database Software, Incompatible Formats and Hosting Providers.
  6. 如果“工作”的延迟交付是由于“客户”的“行为”造成的,包括但不限于“客户”没有提供“作者”认为必要的额外信息或他们认为完成“工作”是必要的信息,“代理”将不承担责任。
  7. If the “Customer” has agreed for ‘Delivery in Parts’ with the “Writer”, the On-Time Delivery Guarantee reflects the final delivery date of the “Work” and not to the delivery of individual components of the “Work”.
  8. 考虑到上述所有条款,“代理人”同意,除非双方达成一致,否则“作者”将按时交付所有“作品”,否则他们将全额退还“客户”的钱。

“100% No-Plagiarism Guarantee”

  1. 当“客户”发现“作品”中有抄袭行为时,100%无抄袭保证适用。
  2. 当“客户”的检测是否为抄袭存在冲突时,“代理”将根据所有相关情况审查“作品”并作出决定。在这种情况下,“代理人”的决定将是最终的。
  3. In all cases, where the questionable Plagiarism is small or insignificant, or it is reasonably obvious that the highlighted Plagiarism is as a result of an error, the 100% No-Plagiarism Guarantee will not be applicable.
  4. The guarantee will not apply in situations where the “Agent” finds plagiarism and informs the “Customer” beforehand. In such circumstances, a rewrite will be provided where requested by the “Customer”.
  5. If the “Agent” detects Plagiarism on or after the due delivery date, then the “Agent” will ask the “Customer” for an extension to revise the order. It will be solely up to the “Customer” whether to give the extension or not. In case, the extension is given, the guarantee will not be applied.
  6. 如果“客户”没有给予延期,则将适用担保。

Altering Order in Progress

  1. The “Customer” can not request alterations to their “Order” specifications after the payment has been made without eitherextending the original deadlineor paying the appropriate additional charges in case the additional details conflict the original “Order” specifications.
  2. The “Customer” can however provide the “Writer” with additional supporting information shortly after full payment, provided that:
    • The additional details do not add to or conflict with the details contained in their original “Order” specification
    • The “Customer” is ready to extend the deadline
  3. 如果“客户”在全额付款后提供了与原“订单”规格中提供的细节相冲突的附加信息,“代理”可以自行决定,在合理的情况下,向不同的“撰写人”获取附加和/或更改规格的报价,或重新分配订单,而无需通知“客户”。“客户”同意,这可能导致其“工作”交付的延迟,而“代理”对此不承担责任。在这种情况下,“准时交货”的保证将不予支付。

Revising the Completed Orders

  1. The “Agent” agrees that if the “Customer” believes that their completed “Work” does not adhere to the exact directions and/or the guarantees of the “Agent” as published on the “Agent” website, the “Customer” may ask for revisions to the ‘Work” within 10 days of the delivery date.
  2. The “Customer” is allowed to make one request containing all details of the required revisions. This will be sent to the “Writer” for comment. If the request is reasonable, the “Writer” will revise the “Work” and return it to the “Customer”within 24 to 72 hours. The “Writer” may request additional time to complete the revisions and this may be granted at the discretion of the “Customer”.
  3. 如“撰写人”不同意“客户”的修改要求,则“撰写人”将对该要求作出评论。如果“写书人”和“客户”之间没有达成协议,“代理”的质量控制团队将评估争议,他们的决定将是最终的。
  4. They may, at their discretion, refer the matter to a different “Writer” for assessment, in which case the decision of that “Writer” will be binding on both parties
  5. If the “Writer” fails to follow the instructions of the “Customer”’s reasonable request for revision, the “Customer” is allowed to request again that the “Work” is revised until the request has been fully dealt with
  6. If the request to revise the “Work” falls outside of the time allowed for revisions, then “Customer” agree to extend the deadline accordingly for the “Writer”


  1. If the “Agent” accepts to refund the “Customer” fully or partially, this refund will be issued using the credit or debit card that the “Customer” used to make the payment initially.

Terms of Payment

  1. The “Customer” and the “Agent” agree that all the payments will be made in advance.
  2. “订单”将只在收到预付款后才开始处理。
  3. “Customer” can choose to cancel the “Order” within 24 hours of the payment. In case of rush orders (24 hours to 3 days), the “Customer” has to cancel within 3-6 hours.
  4. The “Customer” accepts that once the “Order” is paid and allowed time to cancel the “Order” has passed, the “Order” can not be cancelled nor refunded.
  5. The “Customer” accepts to be restrained by the “Agent’s” refund policies and agrees that full refunds will only be given in the circumstances summarised in these terms, or other circumstances that arise, in which event any refund or discount is given at the discretion of the “Agent”

Copyright / Ownership

  1. The “Agent” agrees that the “Customer” owns the copyright to the “Work” supplied through the “Agent’s” services
  2. “代理人”同意,通过其服务提供的所有“作品”在完成后将不会以报酬或其他方式转售或分发。

2:1 Standard Guarantee

  1. The “Agent” guarantees that if the “Customer” orders 2:1 standard work then, on delivery, the “Work” will meet 2:1 standard according to the “Customer”
  2. The “Customer” can break the “Order” into instalments and take them to the supervisor for approval, chapter by chapter or whichever way deemed good.
  3. The “Agent” ONLY guarantees the 2:1 standard according to the “Customer” satisfaction or opinion at the time of “Order” delivery
  4. The “Agent” does not guarantee any grades or marks awarded by any institution or person, after the “Customer” was satisfied at the time of delivery
  5. If the “Customer” was satisfied at the time of order delivery but then got unexpected marks, NO refunds will be made. However, “Customer” can request for revision within the time allowed.
  6. If the “Customer” pays for 2:1 standard work and on delivery, the “Order”’ does not adhere to 2:1 standard, the “Customer” is entitled to a full refund, providing the “Customer” presents the “Agent” with either credible evidence or a reasonable explanation of the facts to prove that the “Work” does not meet the required 2:1 quality standard, within ten days of the delivery date.
  7. 如果“客户”持有任何证明“作品”不符合订购的质量标准的证据,根据本协议,必须立即向“代理”提交该等证据,“代理”在作出决定时将考虑该等证据。所有这些证据都将被绝对保密。
  8. In all cases, the “Agent’s” verdict is final but the “Agent” will provide the “Customer” with adequate information about reaching the decision.

Writer’s Availability

  1. 如果致力于完成“客户”订单的“作者”在截止日期前退出任务,“代理”将偿还“客户”的款项。然后,“客户”可以指示“代理”找到另一个“作者”完成他们的订单,或向他们发出全额退款。

Data Collection

  1. Data collection is the primary job/responsibility of the “Customer”. The “Writer” will not conduct any primary research on “Customer’s” behalf. However, the “Writer” may help by providing the questionnaire to the customer to collect the data.
  2. The “Amount” will are charging is for writing only.

Offer Terms

  1. 免费论文主题:The service cannot be rendered more than once for an email address.
  2. Fit My Budget:We hold the right to reject any order. The service is introduced for people with low budgets. Customers with capacity may pay the amount on our calculator.

Customer Service

  1. Due to a large number of queries telephone and email support requests cannot always be dealt with immediately, but the “Agent” assure to strive as hard as humanly possible to respond to the “Customer’s” requests promptly and speedily
  2. A personalised account is provided to every “Customer” as soon as he/she places an order. “Agent” urges the “Customers” to use the personalised account to directly communicate with the writer. Failing to do so may cause serious issues including delay in the response, an important query can be missed/ overlooked. “Agent” will not be held responsible for the delay in the communication due to non-usage of the personalised account.
  3. In case of miscommunication of any query or the reply, the “Agent” will not be held responsible for the final result. The “Customer” will provide us with the additional deadline as well as he/she may be charged additionally for the result of miscommunication.


  1. “代理”电话接听服务时间为周一至周六上午9点至下午5点(英国标准时间)。如上文所述,“代理”在非工作日不工作。非工作日提供的任何服务或支持完全由“代理”决定。
  2. However, the email service of the “Agent” will work 24/7 and the “Customer” is expected to receive a response within 24 hours.
  3. “客户”保证在执行“订单”之前检查他们的大学指导方针和规定,并完全满足他们各自的学院或大学的规章制度和指导方针。
  4. The “Customer” accepts that whilst every effort is made to ensure that all Work is completely accurate and fully custom written that inaccuracies may from time to time occur and that the “Agent”, its employees and the “Writer’s” on its books will not be held responsible, bar free amendments as allowed by these terms, and a discretionary discount for such occurrences.
  5. Both parties agree that these terms and conditions are intended to be legally binding from the Commencement Date.

Data Protection

  1. “客户”同意在下订单和付款时提供的详细信息可能存储在“代理”的安全数据库中,但同意这些详细信息不会与任何第三方共享。
  2. The “Agent” agrees that they will not disclose any personal information provided by the “Customer” other than as required to do so by any lawful authority, and/or to pursue any fraudulent transactions
  3. The “Agent” operates a privacy policy which complies fully with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. The “Agent’s” privacy policy is available on the “Agent’s” websites and a copy can be provided on request.