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MBA供应链管理论文的选题通常是跟踪供应链进行学术分析。供应链管理的研究课题进一步处理为供应链增加价值的过程,以及与完整管理计划的其他方面的影响和相关性。The following is a substantial list of thesis […]

MBA供应链管理论文的选题通常是跟踪供应链进行学术分析。供应链管理的研究课题进一步处理为供应链增加价值的过程,以及与完整管理计划的其他方面的影响和相关性。The following is a substantial list of thesis topics on supply chain management to help you get started on writing your final paper:

List of supply chain management dissertation topics:

Many MBA students search online for recent and unique dissertation topics on supply chain management to make their dissertation research work notable. Apart from searching, we also receive ample requests to help withproject topics on logistics and supply chain managementandresearch topics in procurement and supply chain management. After thorough research, we have been able to compile a list for every type of searches.

An empirical analysis of the different risks inherent in supply chains of constructing firms in the UK.



Subsidies and their impact on green supply chain management- evidence from China.

A comparison of traditional and circular production economies on environmentally safe supply chain management- evidence from the organic chemicals industry.

A systematic review of the Behavioral Supply Chain Management Model from academic literature.

The purchasing function in supply chain management- literature from the UK.

An investigative analysis of sustainable green supply chain management practices across the developing world.

How does published literature contribute to supply chain management practices in the practical context- a global viewpoint.

Going green in supply chain management- trends and challenges from emerging economies.

An explorative analysis of supply chain management in risk-based systems- evidence from the oil and gas sector.

Supply chain management and globalization- implications for future models.

Does competitive supply chain management lead to financial gains in politically unstable economies? The case of selected African countries.

The implications of competitive supply chain management in five-star hotels- evidence from the UK.

Do emerging economies pose barriers to the implementation of sustainable green supply chain management? Evidence from India.


Is the concept of Big Data relevant to supply chain logistics? A review.

零售品牌行业的供应链管理——以H&M/ Zara/ Mango为例。

How do emerging economies use technological tools for sustainable supply chain management?

How are supply chain performance outcomes measured? Review from literature.


How does supply chain management of European companies remain competitive amidst stringent environmental regulations?


Green supply chain management in manufacturing industries- a global perspective.

An investigative analysis of the current trends in supply chain management.

Is the supply chain management function under pressure from stakeholders? An analysis of the UK healthcare sector.

Environmental decision-making models and sustainable supply chain management- a literature review.

An investigation of global trends towards green supply chain practices- who are being innovative and who is following the herd?

How do local regulatory practices impact the drive towards adoption of specific supply chain practices in the UK- the case of green initiatives being forced on organisations through the law.

What motivates supply chain practices of manufacturing and service sectors in the UK? A review of the literature.

The creative use of social media for supply chain management in the UK- a qualitative study.


How is the concept of ‘green’ being included in organisational human resources and supply chain management to impact operational performance in the UK? A primary study.

An exploration of the different cost accounting methods used across five case studies for supply chain management in the UK. Check moremanagement accounting research topics.


Outsourcing in logistics and supply chains- review of literature and areas for further research.

How can specialized supply chain professionals impact SME operations in the UK? A primary exploration.

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