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运动心理学主要研究与运动相关的态度、信念、偏好和活动背后的心理因素。运动心理学论文选题可以是初步调查,也可以是二次探索。运动心理学的研究主题也可以考虑运动员如何被激励,以及他们可以通过丰富情感为运动添加什么。The […]


The following is a list of sports psychology research topics as a suggestion to the student:

A list of sports psychology dissertation topics:

How do cyclists manage stress and anxiety before competitions? A systematic literature review.


A comparative exploration of the reasons behind depression in male and female athletes- current practice trends and challenges.

How does physical activity impact treatment of depression? Literature based analysis.

An examination of the social factors affecting sports performance in under-developed areas of the UK.

An analysis of stress and anxiety on performance- perspectives from the sports discipline.

Body image and self-esteem in female tennis players- is there an element of societal objectification? An investigation.

Is burnout in athletes associated with depression? An analysis of literature.

Resilience and sports performance- investigations of the relationship through qualitative literature review.

Group dynamics in sports- how does individual identity contribute to sports group functioning in baseball?

A comparative exploration of sports performance expectations in middle and high school years in developed and emerging economies.

Can sporting teams foster social identity in youth? An exploration.

The effectiveness of personal coaches- can they over-ride lack of personal aptitude is specific sports and build skills?

Organisational support mechanisms for cricketers in Asia- how do organisational affiliations impact cricketer performance?

A study of emotional attachment between coach and athlete and impact on coaching and performance.

What am if not an athlete? A literature-based investigation of post-retirement decision making of elite athletes.

Sport- choice decisions- influenced by cultural factors, peer pressure or personal choice? A mixed methods study.

Do all youth Olympic champions go on to perform in adult Olympics? A study.

领导素质会影响单人项目的运动表现吗?An investigation through established literature.

A study of transformational leadership in sport through an analysis of current trends and future challenges.

Choking under pressure- a comparative exploration of the relationship between personality factors and sport-related stress.

How does parental pressure impact children's sports performance during the teenage years and post-teens? A literature-based investigation.


A study of Olympic athletes sporting activities post-retirement- a systematic literature review.

Is a working knowledge of sports necessary to provide rehabilitation services to professionals by healthcare professionals? A literature review.

Does education on sport-injury prevention impact sport performance in athletes under training?

Professional sportspersons' relaxation techniques- and relationship with performance outcomes.

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