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处理社会环境中的法律问题是法医心理学家的核心所在。法医心理学论文主题可以涉及无数的相互关联的概念,在警察工作的环境中,在康复中心以及法律环境中探索。Forensic psychology topics hence provide a range of depth depending on the level of […]

处理社会环境中的法律问题是法医心理学家的核心所在。法医心理学论文主题可以涉及无数的相互关联的概念,在警察工作的环境中,在康复中心以及法律环境中探索。Forensic psychology topics hence provide a range of depth depending on the level of academic studies being undertaken.

The following is a list of foreign psychology topics for research papers that students can consult to generate ideas for coming up with currently trending topics:

A list of forensic psychology dissertation topics:



The professional distinction between examiners and therapists within the discipline of forensics- an exploration.

Assessing social climates in prison hospitals- a comparative review with community hospitals.

Investigating the link between childhood trauma, childhood aggression and adult antisocial behaviour.

Ethical checkpoints that challenge the forensic psychologist in the UK.

An evaluation of eyewitness testimony, faulty memory and impact on justice- a forensic psychologists' perspective.

An exploration of rehabilitation theories for effective rehabilitation of domestic abuse offenders in the UK- a primary study.

What is more reliable to the forensic psychologist? An eye-witness or scientific construction of opportunistic reconstruction through technological advancement? An exploration.

How can forensic psychologists use You Tube for sources of information and learning?

Substance use, social media and forensic evaluations- understanding the relationship.

Insanity cases and forensic psychology- examining literature-based evidence.

Domestic violence in a multicultural environment and implications for the forensic psychologist- a primary study.

Narcissism and inter-partner violence- explorations from a forensic psychology perspective.

Forensic evidence and stereotypes- can there be a bias in this link? A qualitative exploration.


An overview of the ethical challenges faced in interviewing children for eye-witness testimony.

Family law and psychological assessments- current practices and challenges.


Exploring the differences and similarities between forensic and correctional psychology- and practical implications.


The expert and layman's perceptions of child sexual abuse- practice and future implications.

Interviews as lie detectors and other tools to aid the forensic psychologist- a review.

Eyewitness testimony, gender, age and stress- how does the forensic psychologist sift through the collection for a professional unbiased evaluation?

An exploration on the justification for differences in forensic evaluations based on circumstantial evidence and bias.

Sham marriages and terrorism- a security challenge from emerging economies for developed countries.

Schizophrenia and crime- challenges posed for forensic psychologists.

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