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This blog includes a list of 10 interesting finance dissertation topics that will work well with both undergraduate and graduate dissertations. The list contains topics from an array of finance related research fields to give you options to choose from. Customise the picked title and use it as your own.


Foreign student or not, this blog post will enable you to go through some interesting dissertation topics on finance so you can twist them and tweak them and use them for your finance dissertation.


All the best!

List of finance dissertation topics:

Before we get going, keep in mind that you’re supposed to take the titles you like and customise them by changing the given parameters.By parameters, I mean the firm being studied, the location, or the methodology. All of these are ways to make an already used research problem interesting for research again.

Here’s your list:


Data mining practices by finance students- a UK based exploration.

How does social transmission bias impact individuals’ financial decision making in the UK? A pragmatic view.

How important is a financial background for women to construct household budgets? Evaluation of primary data in the UK.

A discussion on the flexibility of budgets based on their types.


What exactly does the finance department do? An exploration of the changing roles of finance departments in the UK across time.

Financial development in the Internet age- what is the progress already made and where is further progress headed?

How have developments in Islamic finance impacted non-Muslim individuals’ attitudes towards Islamic banking? Evidence from the UK.

How has the banking sector developed in countries with high-income inequality? An exploration.


An exploratory analysis of gender gaps in finance learning academia in the UK.



How are ethics in financial decision making related to socio-economic and cultural environments? A phenomenological study


How feasible is entrepreneurial financial education for the entrepreneur and the institution? A phenomenological exploration.

How do SMEs optimize on external funding decisions? Evidence from the UK.

External funding requirements and social circles of entrepreneurs in the UK.


Financial ethics in a multi-cultural environment- evidence from the UK.

How is politics related to financial growth- a comparative evaluation of developed and developing economies.

How do non-finance specialists read and determine financial statements for decision making?How helpful are financial tools for novice entrepreneurs? An online survey?



War financing as determinants of political votes- what does evidence inform us?


The shift towards micro-finance in the British banking sector (2001-2016).

Introduction of collective investment in the UK: A quantitative analysis.

Effect of consumers’ access to financial services on growth: A comparative study of the UK and the USA.

Regional comparison of Asia and Europe with regard to financial innovation in public banks.

Emerging markets and the myth of cheap economy: A case study from Africa.

Foreign direct investment and its impact on progress in emerging economies: Studying Europe after WWII.

Leading investors and their behaviour in the British private equity market during 2005-2014.

A theoretical analysis of hedge funds: Do they enhance returns or diversify risk?

A study of popular strategies for managing liquidity risk in the British private banking sector.


那就这样吧。Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future orlooking to get help with dissertation writing, send us an email

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