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犯罪学是研究任何地方任何类型的犯罪的学科。它是社会学的一个分支,与其他分支领域也有联系,如家庭暴力和恐怖主义。Criminology dissertation topics are related to the psycho-social impacts of criminals so as to understand the deviant behaviours that criminals practice and […]

犯罪学是研究任何地方任何类型的犯罪的学科。It is an offshoot of Sociological sciences and has inter-relations with other subfields as well, likedomestic violenceand terrorism. Criminology dissertation topics are related to the psycho-social impacts of criminals so as to understand the deviant behaviours that criminals practice and the most effective ways of dealing with this behaviour are suggested. The following is a list of good criminology research topics that are found to be most relevant.

List of Criminology dissertation topics:


A discussion on the implications of police empowerment in high crime areas in developing countries.

How safe can a community actually be? Analysis of criminology literature.

The key determinants of crime prevention in the UK- a study on safety agencies and challenges.

The implications of political backup for criminal activities and impacts on community- a review.

How can the architectural design of residential buildings and community structures help in crime prevention and management? A qualitative review.

How relevant is the socio-cultural background of a residential community in the UK to quantity and quality of crimes in the region? A study.


How is crime managed as a relevant agenda in the UK Immigration policy?



Birds of a feather flock together- an assessment of criminal social communities in the UK through literature-based evidence.








The use of biotechnology and digital environments for crime management in the UK.

Is crime forecasting possible? Or is that just another name for an enticement? Developing a logical rationale.


Are all entrapped people doomed to a life of crime? A discussion based on mixed methods evidence.

Does marriage deter crime? An evaluation of the current literature.

The criminology of place- a systematic review.

A study of the role of behavioural genetic studies in criminology.

Women and criminology- an investigative analysis.

Academic curriculum and training requirements of criminologists in the United States.

An understanding of the reasons why terrorists sometimes turn away from their groups.

An inquiry into the research methods in criminology.

Is there a justification for the life circumstances of terrorists to support their actions?


Incidence of crime in the UK- an investigation.



Does forensic psychology assist in the study of criminology?

A review of legislation on stalking and its impact on stalking.


The mental health of sex offenders- a global perspective.



Criminology in an era of globalization- trends and implications.



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