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37 Islamic Finance Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

By AdaminFinance,Islamic Finance|No Comments

Islamic finance dissertation topics are gaining importance as the concept has generated extensive interest within the context of finance and business. There is a range of Masters' level research topics in Islamic finance but the topics can also be modified for other academic levels. A list of dissertation topics in islamic finance: The following list contains the relevant and popular trending...Continue reading →

21 Behavioural Finance Research Topics To Impress Your Supervisor

By AdaminBehavioural Finance,Finance|No Comments

Behavioural finance is a relatively recent phenomenon combining psychology with finance to yield research topics that incorporate a combination of the two. Behavioural finance research topics typically consider the reasons why people making specific financing decisions. The following is a list of Behavioural finance project topics to help you with the choice of an impressive topic for your...Continue reading →

25 International Finance Thesis Topics To Look For An Impressive Topic

By AdaminFinance,International Finance|No Comments

International finance thesis topics have strong overlaps with international economics topics, being an offshoot of global macroeconomics. This is because cross-country finance deals mostly with issues in global investment opportunities as well as the interplay of exchange rates. International finance research topics hence deal with a range of monetary exchanges between two or more nations. The...Continue reading →

21 Dissertation Topics In Finance And Investment To Explore For Research

By AdaminFinance,Finance and Investment|No Comments

Dissertation topics in finance and investment vary depending on the academic level of the course being pursued. Finance and Investment is a wide-scoped academic discipline, encompassing sub-areas from all walks of life within monetary contexts. Masters' level thesis topics in Finance and Investment cover a broad range of topics that are neither too simple nor too complicated. The following is a...Continue reading →

27 Corporate Finance Dissertation Topics To Get a Good Grade

By AdaminCorporate Finance,Finance|No Comments

Corporate finance dissertation topics largely focus on the financial decision-making aspects of organizations. Accumulated knowledge for best practices through literature-based evidence becomes the goal of corporate finance topics for research papers. Students concentrate on different levels of corporate finance thesis topics due to the differences in courses chosen and level of difficulty in...Continue reading →

25 Dissertation Topics In Banking And Finance To Explore For Research

By LiaminBanking and Finance,Finance|No Comments

The business student can consider a wide variety of dissertation topics in Banking and Finance. Different academic requirements require different levels for finance project topics in banks. MBA Project topics in Banking and Finance take a sweeping look at relevant issues while detailed banking and finance dissertation topics are normally required for professional courses. The following is a list...Continue reading →

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