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4 Things to Remember about Literature Review Structure

By AmandainLiterature Review|No Comments

Literature review is a crucial part of your dissertation. Regardless of what kind of dissertation you’re writing, having a neatly structured literature review chapter is a must. Why? Well, because you simply can’t conduct a research study without a research question, and you can’t find a good research question without consulting scholarly literature. Now, what you learn from this review...Continue reading →

5 Great Tips on How to Write a Literature Review

By AmandainLiterature Review|No Comments

The first time I received a lecture on writing a dissertation was as soon as college opened for our third year. Disregarding the fact that it was too early for our professor to scare us all with the many-headed monster people call Dissertation, I now think his tip for us to focus on how to write a literature review foremost was the best advice I received in his class that term. Literature is...Continue reading →

4 Reasons You Only Need Google Scholar for Your Literature Review

By AmandainLiterature Review|No Comments

Being a research consultant, I get a lot of questions from students of all degree levels about how they can find relevant literature on the Internet and what kind of databases they should pursue. They will come to me and throw every name of a database they ever heard to sound smart perhaps. It gets stranger when I ask them to calm down and tell them all they need to learn is how to use Google...Continue reading →

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